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Huck Norris – Meganorris™ Hamburger

499,00 kr

Three all-new Huck Norris tire inserts, with even more a** kicking resistance against flats, dents, bent wheels and all the other forms of tire and wheel damage. Worry less, ride more.

Two hard compound layers with one soft between them. The beefiest of all MegaNorris™ models, the hamburger is aimed for those riding downhill or racing enduro on the highest level. While testing MegaNorris™ Hamburger tire inserts, Pole Bicycles EWS Pro team did manage to race a whole 2019 season without a single flat tire. Hamburger might weight quite a lot, but the performance is well worth the weight. Weight when measured at full 29? length: 280 grams @ 60mm width or 250 grams @ 55mm width.

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