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FSA – Powerbox Alu ABS 52/36 BB30 170mm

3999,00 kr

– Cold forged AL6061/T6 aluminium crank arms (170mm)
– AL7075 100% CNC chainrings
– Chromoly chainring bolts
– Fits Shimano and Sram 10-11 speed systems
– Weight: 751g
– Power2max Features

– Auto Zero: every time you stop pedalling for 3 seconds or more your power2max “re-zeros”, no need to re-zero manually.
– No cadence magnet needed: you don’t need to install a cadence magnet on your bike. Your power2max calculates cadence precisely using its internal accelerometer.
– Batter change: when the time come to change your battery – after 300 to 400 hours of use (6,000 to 12,000km) – you can do it yourself.
±2% Precision

– Power2max power meters deliver state of the art data: they achieve an accuracy of ±2% or better including all environmental influences. power2max power meters achieves this accuracy through a refined design and high quality manufacturing processes.

– Designed, engineered and made in Germany

– Power2max manufactures the power meters in Germany with the highest quality production standards.

– ANT+

– Power2max power meters use the ANT+ standard to transmit data wirelessly to your bike computer. The ANT+ standard guarantees reliable transmission and offers a large number of bike computers to choose from.

– Bluetooth ready

– Power2max FSA power meters are Bluetooth ready and can be upgraded to transmit the data wirelessly not only with ANT+, but also via Bluetooth communication (with purchase of firmware upgrade).

– Upgradeable

– Power2max FSA power meters can be upgraded to have the software feature of left-right balance

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